Each year, there will be one or two application deadlines. The next application deadline is: 31st May 2018. Interviews will be held on the afternoon of the 26th June.

Only applications for grants for shorter periods of up to one year of supported leave for established scholars or clergy on sabbatical leave, or for lay people with appropriate interests and experience will be currently accepted.

Applicants are strongly advised to ensure that they apply sufficiently early before their proposed starting date so that, if appointed, all the necessary discussions and arrangements can be formalized as soon as possible.

The Management Committee hopes to make a decision on each application within six weeks of the closing date.


Applicants are asked to complete this application form, and to attach a Curriculum Vitae which should include:

(a) Academic qualifications

(b) Previous and current appointments

(c) Research experience and publications

(d) Names of three referees, one of whom should have knowledge of the applicant’s commitment to engagement with the life of the Christian church.

Applications must be submitted in Microsoft Word format to


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